Rams to Return to LA, Boost Local Economy

The Los Angeles Rams are back. NFL owners in Houston voted 30-2 to ratify the Rams’ relocation application for an immediate move to L.A., where the team will eventually begin play at owner Stan Kroenke’s proposed stadium site in Inglewood in 2019. It’s a seismic decision that returns the highest level of professional football to the country’s second-largest media market after a 21-year absence. The Rams could be joined by the Chargers, who have a one-year option to decide if they want to relocate and join the Rams in Inglewood. A park and lake will be at the center of the project that includes 2,500 homes, 6,000 square feet of retail stores and open plazas and a massive 800,000-square-foot office complex. The project would pump a projected $670 million into Inglewood’s General Fund over the next 25 years, and benefits would spill over into the Gateway to LA area, delivering more hotel guests and making the area more appealing to businesses seeking office space.