While Gateway Los Angeles largely supports the airport’s proposed $5  billion construction project that will revolutionize road and rail access and serve as the “cornerstone” of a world-class transportation hub, the Landside Access Modernization Project, as it is called presents numerous concerns for Gateway members.

Responding to the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR), Gateway expressed concern that the new plan does not allow shuttle access to Central Terminal Area, and apparently no shuttle access to Intermodal Transportation Facility East. 

Among other concerns outlined in the Gateway letter were:

•  Lack of clarity regarding the proposed Taxi-Holding Area, and the fact that it is essential to Gateway that this activity be relocated away from 98th Street access.

•  Lack of analysis related to 98th Street traffic:  While 183 area intersections were studied in the EIR, only one intersection on 98th Street was studied. 

•  Century/Bellanca intersection after 98th St. extension:  EIR is vague or silent about possibility for “queuing” or “stacking” of vehicles trying to turn onto Bellanca from 98th Street, after 98th Street is extended.

•  Century Boulevard Streetscape Plan Implementation is not included as an EIR mitigation measure.

•  Pedestrian Bridge over Sepulveda Boulevard:  EIR states that crossing will be either “at-grade” (which exists today) or a future bridge. Gateway is advocating for a bridge for safety and efficiency.

•  Clarification regarding the number of spaces and where LAWA employees will park after LAMP implementation.

•  Law Enforcement and Fire Protection: Despite over 10 million new square feet being added for LAMP facilities no mention is made of additional police/fire personnel and police/fire facilities. Both should be a required mitigation under the EIR.

•  The DEIR has not properly evaluated the impacts related to ambulance, fire and police response times to businesses in the Gateway area.

•  Future land uses do not include private commercial parking facilities, so Gateway is requesting this inclusion as a possible land use.


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