In the first quarter of 2016, Pacific Division finished first in crime reduction among the 21 Divisions of the Los Angeles Police Departmentin the three critical categories of violent crime, property crime and Part I crime, which includes a variety of felonies, including burglary and grand theft.

Pacific followed that up with a rare repeat performance in two of the three categories – property crimes and Part I crimes. Pacific was third in crime reduction in violent crimes in the second quarter.

“It’s pretty tough to do that back-to-back,” said Sgt. Kevin Lowe. “Once you’ve have a major reduction in one quarter, it’s hard to follow that up with another big decrease in crime.”

Lowe said the entire division has contributed to the reduction in crime.

“We’re using different strategies than include everyone,” he said. “We get all the dots on the map where crime is happening and we put our officers on those dots. It’s working.”

Year-to-date, Pacific has experienced a 3.4% reduction in Part I crime and are second among all 21 LAPD Divisions in number of arrests.