Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) is in the midst of a multi-billion dollar modernization program at LAX. As part of this effort, LAWA is proposing to implement the LAX Landside Access Modernization Program (“Project”) to improve the LAX passenger experience, relieve congestion, and enhance LAX’s status as a world-class airport.

LAX will provide an array of new and convenient transportation options, including dedicated areas for passenger pick-up/drop-off and parking facilities with direct access to the Central Terminal Area (CTA), car rental opportunities located in one centralized location near the 405 freeway, and a convenient connection to the regional Metro rail and bus transit system.

The Project consists of four primary components:

The Automated People Mover (APM) would be an above ground airport transport system connecting LAX passengers with the airline terminals, a new centralized rental car facility, new pick-up and drop-off locations with airport parking facilities, and Metro’s regional transit system.

Currently, the rental car agencies are located in 23 different properties in the vicinity of LAX. The Consolidated Rental Car Facility (CONRAC) would be designed to accommodate rental car agencies at one conveniently centralized location.

The Intermodal Transportation Facilities (ITF) would offer facilities close to the 405 freeway and Sepulveda Boulevard to allow for pick-up and drop-off of passengers, check-in kiosks, parking, connections to shuttles and transit, and direct access to the CTA via the APM system.

Proposed roadway improvements are designed to reduce congestion and vehicle emissions, and enable passengers to access LAX more efficiently and directly without the need to enter the CTA.

The APM would allow for a seamless connection to Metro’s regional rail and bus system, including the proposed Airport Metro Connector transit station located at 96th Street/ Aviation Boulevard.

The public is encouraged to provide public comments on draft environmental documents from now until the comment period closes on October 31. Draft documents and additional details are posted on the Project website at, with instructions on how to submit comments.

Those who are interested can also sign up to receive project updates or request presentations about LAMP on the website.